October 20, 2020

About Coaching


What is coaching?

“The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.”

—George Elliot

Imagine having a person in your life you can talk to regularly about your goals, your dreams, your success.

  • A person who listens closely, and asks questions that make you think…
  • A person who helps you identify and appreciate your strengths and set meaningful goals…
  • A person who encourages and supports your intention for change…
  • A person who challenges you to reach higher, stretch further…
  • A person who encourages you to achieve extraordinary results!

That person is your coach, your partner in positive change. And coaching is a structured process for creating that change. Your coach acts as a powerful, committed partner to help you bridge the gap between where you are now in your life and where you want to be.

How does it work?

Your coach will be an ally, standing beside you as you explore new tools, ideas and perspectives. Together, you identify action steps that will move you toward achieving your goals.

Most sessions are conducted over the telephone. Focusing on the outcomes you’ve identified, your coach will support and encourage you, challenge thoughts and behaviors that might be holding you back, and help you uncover what’s really important to you.

How will I benefit from coaching?

Typically, through the coaching process, clients develop their ability to…

  • Increase their effectiveness while experiencing greater ease
  • Clarify their values and understand how those values impact choices
  • Easily access new perspectives
  • Experience a new way of looking at challenges and opportunities; develop a greater awareness of their strengths and the limitless possibilities available to them
  • Enhance decision-making skills
  • Develop a plan to overcome obstacles and limitations
  • Identify their life purpose
  • Move from idea to intention to manifestation in a way that’s not easy to do on their own.

Many clients report that the greatest benefit is feeling fully supported as they build on their strengths and experience greater fulfillment.

How can I tell if coaching is right for me?

Imagine invigorating your life by expanding your awareness of the possibilities that surround you! Imagine developing your creativity and resourcefulness to break through roadblocks and reach your full potential! If you’ve ever thought about developing yourself in these ways, then coaching may be right for you.

If you’re considering coaching, think about…

  • What you would expect as the outcome. Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve is a great first step.
  • Whether you’re ready to work with someone who will challenge you to reach your goals—in a compassionate, supportive way.
  • Whether you’re ready for change and willing to do the work! To achieve lasting growth and positive change, you’ll need to commit fully to the coaching process.

Contact Jackie for a complimentary sample coaching session. See what it’s like to work with a committed, caring person who can help you achieve extraordinary results…